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Tochka Free Market

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Tochka Free Market

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Project Description
Tochka Free Market is free open-source marketplace for DarkNet operations. Same-name DarkNet Market (DNM) Tochka is running on it.

Goal of Tochka is to provide reliable software for next-gen darknet operations, while staying transparent, free and secure.

We would like more local players emerge using Tochka as platform of choice.

Technical Overview
Tochka is written on Golang programming language and can be run on wide range of operating systems. Postgres is database of choice and Tor is used to obfuscate server location. Redis is used for caching.

Payaka is a payment gate solution used in conjunction with Tochka.

Payaka supports:

Tochka Smart Contracts (ICO, Split Payment) based on Ethereum.
Tochka provides script-less HTML interface that can be used in conjunction with Firefox/Tor Browser NoScript as well as a REST API for Tochka Mobile App.

Tochka Mobile App is a free open-source client for Tochka written for Android. It can be downloaded as compiled apk or in form of source-code for manual compilation.

We provide Docker scripts to get Tochka running fast.

Installation from source code
To get Tochka running:

1. Get Tochka source code

torsocks go get -insecure qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka/tochka-free-market
mkdir $GOPATH/src/qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka
cd $GOPATH/src/qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka
torify git clone qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka/tochka-free-market.git

2. Build Tochka from source

cd $GOPATH/src/qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka/tochka-free-market
go build

3. Sync DB models and supplementary data.Database user must be postgres.otherwise cant sync.

su postgres
createdb go_t
psql go_t < dumps/cities.sql
psql go_t < dumps/countries.sql
/tochka-free-market sync-models
/tochka-free-market sync-views

4. Edit settings

cp settings.json.example settings.json
vim settings.json

5. Run HTTP server

Go to http://localhost:8081/ and register a new user. Add admin privelegies to new account:
./tochka-free-market user grant admin
Update to latest
cd $GOPATH/src/qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka/tochka-free-market
torsocks git pull

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