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Metrix portal –

Analytical for the Tor network, including graphs of its available bandwidth and estimated userbase. This is a great resource for researchers interested in detailed statistics about Tor.

Nyx –

A terminal (command line) application for monitoring and configuring For, intended for command-line aficionados and ssh connections. This functions much like the top do for system usage, providing real-time information on Tor’s resource utilization and state.

Onionoo –

Web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges.

OONI (open observatory of network interference) –

a global observation network, monitoring for network censorship, which aims to collect high-quality data using open methodologies, using free and open-source software (FL/OSS) to share observations and data about the various types, methods, and amounts of network tampering in the world.

Orbot –

tor for google android devices, in collaboration with the guardian project, replacing the deprecated orfox.

Orlib –

a library for use by any android application to route internet traffic through or not Tor.

Pluggable transports –

It helps circumvent censorship. Transform the Tor traffic flow between the client and the bridge. This way, censors who monitor traffic between the client and the bridge will see innocent-looking transformed traffic instead of the actual Tor traffic.

Relay search –

a site providing an overview of the Tor network.


a discrete event network simulator that runs the real Tor software as a plugin. Shadow is open-source software that enables accurate, efficient, controlled and repeatable Tor experimentations.

Stem –

Python library for writing scripts and applications that interact with Tor.

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito live system) –

A live CD/USB distribution preconfigured so that everything is safely routed through Tor and leaves no trace on the local system. Tor birdly Tor button for thunderbird and related bird forks.

Tor browser –

Customization of Mozilla firefox which uses a tor circuit for browsing anonymously and with other features consistent with the Tor mission.

Tor –

Free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationship and state security.

Txtorcon –

python and twisted event-based implementation of the Tor control protocol. Unit test, state and configuration abstraction, documentation. On PyPI and Debian.

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